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#define fsl_shw_hco_get_digest ( hcobject,
hcmsglen   ) 


{                                                                             \
     copy_bytes(hccontext, (hcobject)->context, hcclength);                   \
         if ((hcobject)->algorithm == FSL_HASH_ALG_SHA224                     \
             || (hcobject)->algorithm == FSL_HASH_ALG_SHA256) {               \
             *(hcmsglen) = (hcobject)->context[8];                            \
         } else {                                                             \
             *(hcmsglen) = (hcobject)->context[5];                            \
         }                                                                    \
Get the current hash value and message length from the hash context object.

The algorithm must have already been specified. See fsl_shw_hco_init().

hcobject The hash context to query.
[out] hccontext Pointer to the location of length octets where to store a copy of the current value of the digest.
hcclength Number of octets of hash value to copy.
[out] hcmsglen Pointer to the location to store the number of octets already hashed.

Definition at line 1633 of file sahara.h.

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