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#define fsl_shw_scco_get_counter_info ( scobject,
scmodulus   ) 


{                                                                     \
           if ((sccounter) != NULL) {                                        \
               copy_bytes(sccounter, (scobject)->context,                    \
                          (scobject)->block_size_bytes);                     \
           }                                                                 \
           if ((scmodulus) != NULL) {                                        \
               *(scmodulus) = (scobject)->modulus_exp;                       \
           }                                                                 \
Get the Counter Value for a Symmetric Cipher Context.

This will retrieve the Counter Value is for CTR mode.

scobject The context object to query.
[out] sccounter Pointer to location to store the current counter value. The number of octets copied will be the block size for the algorithm.
[out] scmodulus Pointer to location to store the modulus.

Definition at line 1867 of file sahara.h.

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