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int mxc_request_iomux ( iomux_pin_name_t  pin,
iomux_pin_cfg_t  cfg 

Request ownership for an IO pin. This function has to be the first one being called before that pin is used. The caller has to check the return value to make sure it returns 0.

pin a name defined by iomux_pin_name_t
cfg an input function as defined in iomux_pin_cfg_t
0 if successful; Non-zero otherwise

Definition at line 103 of file iomux.c.

Referenced by gpio_activate_audio_ports(), gpio_activate_bt_audio_port(), gpio_activate_esai_ports(), gpio_ata_active(), gpio_ata_inactive(), gpio_can_active(), gpio_fec_active(), gpio_fec_inactive(), gpio_firi_inactive(), gpio_gps_active(), gpio_i2c_active(), gpio_i2c_inactive(), gpio_keypad_active(), gpio_keypad_inactive(), gpio_lcd_active(), gpio_lcdc_active(), gpio_mlb_active(), gpio_pcmcia_active(), gpio_pmic_active(), gpio_sdhc_active(), gpio_sdhc_inactive(), gpio_sensor_active(), gpio_sensor_inactive(), gpio_spdif_active(), gpio_spi_active(), gpio_tsc_active(), gpio_uart_active(), gpio_uart_inactive(), gpio_usbotg_fs_active(), init_dvfs_controller(), mx25_3stack_gpio_init(), mx31ads_gpio_init(), mx35_3stack_gpio_init(), mxc_board_init(), mxc_init_power_key(), and slcd_gpio_config().

      int ret = iomux_config_mux(pin, cfg);
      if (IOMUX_TO_GPIO(pin) < MXC_GPIO_IRQS) {
            if (((cfg & (~MUX_CONFIG_SION)) == MUX_CONFIG_GPIO) ||
                (((cfg & (~MUX_CONFIG_SION)) == MUX_CONFIG_FUNC) &&
                 ((pin == MX25_PIN_GPIO_A) || (pin == MX25_PIN_GPIO_B) ||
                  (pin == MX25_PIN_GPIO_C) || (pin == MX25_PIN_GPIO_D) ||
                  (pin == MX25_PIN_GPIO_E) || (pin == MX25_PIN_GPIO_F))))
                  ret |= gpio_request(IOMUX_TO_GPIO(pin), NULL);
      return ret;

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