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mx31ads_gpio.c File Reference

Detailed Description

This file contains all the GPIO setup functions for the board.

Definition in file mx31ads_gpio.c.

#include <linux/errno.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <linux/delay.h>
#include <linux/io.h>
#include <mach/hardware.h>
#include <mach/gpio.h>
#include "board-mx31ads.h"
#include "iomux.h"

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void config_uartdma_event (int port)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_firi_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_firi_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_firi_init)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_pcmcia_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_pcmcia_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_usbotg_fs_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_usbotg_fs_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_usbotg_hs_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_usbotg_hs_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_usbh2_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_usbh2_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_usbh1_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_usbh1_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_ata_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_ata_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_sensor_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_sensor_reset)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_sensor_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sdhc_init_card_det)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sdhc_get_card_det_status)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_sdhc_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_sdhc_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_pmic_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_owire_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_owire_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_power_key_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_keypad_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_keypad_active)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (config_uartdma_event)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_uart_inactive)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (gpio_uart_active)
int extuart_intr_cleanup (unsigned int port, unsigned int irq, void *dev_id)
void extuart_intr_clear (unsigned int port)
int extuart_intr_setup (unsigned int port, unsigned int irq, irqreturn_t(*handler)(int, void *), unsigned long irq_flags, const char *devname, void *dev_id)
void gpio_activate_audio_ports (void)
void gpio_ata_active (void)
void gpio_ata_inactive (void)
void gpio_firi_active (void *fir_cong_reg_base, unsigned int tpp_mask)
void gpio_firi_inactive (void)
void gpio_firi_init (void)
void gpio_i2c_active (int i2c_num)
void gpio_i2c_inactive (int i2c_num)
void gpio_keypad_active (void)
void gpio_keypad_inactive (void)
void gpio_lcd_active (void)
void gpio_lcd_inactive (void)
void gpio_owire_active (void)
void gpio_owire_inactive (void)
void gpio_pcmcia_active (void)
void gpio_pcmcia_inactive (void)
void gpio_pmic_active (void)
void gpio_power_key_active (void)
void gpio_sdhc_active (int module)
void gpio_sdhc_inactive (int module)
void gpio_sensor_active (void)
void gpio_sensor_inactive (void)
void gpio_sensor_reset (bool flag)
void gpio_sensor_select (int sensor)
void gpio_spi_active (int cspi_mod)
void gpio_spi_inactive (int cspi_mod)
void gpio_uart_active (int port, int no_irda)
void gpio_uart_inactive (int port, int no_irda)
int gpio_usbh1_active (void)
void gpio_usbh1_inactive (void)
int gpio_usbh2_active (void)
void gpio_usbh2_inactive (void)
int gpio_usbotg_fs_active (void)
void gpio_usbotg_fs_inactive (void)
int gpio_usbotg_hs_active (void)
void gpio_usbotg_hs_inactive (void)
void mx31ads_gpio_init (void)
int sdhc_get_card_det_status (struct device *dev)
int sdhc_init_card_det (int id)
void slcd_gpio_config (void)

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