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void set_panel_region ( int  disp,
uint32_t  x1,
uint32_t  x2,
uint32_t  y1,
uint32_t  y2 

This function sets display region in the Epson panel

disp display panel to config
x1 x-coordinate of one vertex.
x2 x-coordinate of second vertex.
y1 y-coordinate of one vertex.
y2 y-coordinate of second vertex.

Definition at line 132 of file mxcfb_epson.c.

Referenced by _init_panel().

      uint32_t param[8];

      memset(param, 0, sizeof(uint32_t) * 8);
      param[0] = x1;
      param[2] = x2;
      param[4] = y1;
      param[6] = y2;

      // SD_CSET
      ipu_adc_write_cmd(disp, CMD, SD_CSET, param, 4);
      // SD_PSET

      ipu_adc_write_cmd(disp, CMD, SD_PSET, &(param[4]), 4);

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