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struct fb_ops mxcfb_ops [static]

Initial value:

      .owner = THIS_MODULE,
      .fb_open = mxcfb_open,
      .fb_release = mxcfb_release,
      .fb_set_par = mxcfb_set_par,
      .fb_check_var = mxcfb_check_var,
      .fb_setcolreg = mxcfb_setcolreg,
      .fb_fillrect = cfb_fillrect,
      .fb_copyarea = cfb_copyarea,
      .fb_imageblit = cfb_imageblit,
      .fb_blank = mxcfb_blank,
This structure contains the pointers to the control functions that are invoked by the core framebuffer driver to perform operations like blitting, rectangle filling, copy regions and cursor definition.

Definition at line 842 of file mxcfb_epson.c.

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