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pmic_rtc.c File Reference

Detailed Description

This is the main file of PMIC(mc13783) RTC driver.

Definition in file pmic_rtc.c.

#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <linux/poll.h>
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <linux/pmic_rtc.h>
#include <linux/pmic_status.h>
#include "pmic_rtc_defs.h"

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#define PMIC_LOAD_ERROR_MSG   "PMIC card was not correctly detected. Stop loading PMIC RTC driver\n"


static void callback_alarm_asynchronous (void *)
static void callback_alarm_synchronous (void *)
static void callback_test_sub (void)
static DECLARE_MUTEX (mutex)
static DECLARE_WAIT_QUEUE_HEAD (pmic_rtc_wait)
static DECLARE_WAIT_QUEUE_HEAD (queue_alarm)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pmic_rtc_event_unsub)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pmic_rtc_event_sub)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pmic_rtc_wait_alarm)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pmic_rtc_get_time_alarm)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pmic_rtc_set_time_alarm)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pmic_rtc_get_time)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (pmic_rtc_set_time)
 MODULE_AUTHOR ("Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.")
 MODULE_DESCRIPTION ("Pmic_rtc driver")
 module_exit (pmic_rtc_exit)
PMIC_STATUS pmic_rtc_event (t_rtc_int event, void *callback, bool sub)
PMIC_STATUS pmic_rtc_event_sub (t_rtc_int event, void *callback)
PMIC_STATUS pmic_rtc_event_unsub (t_rtc_int event, void *callback)
static void __exit pmic_rtc_exit (void)
PMIC_STATUS pmic_rtc_get_time (struct timeval *pmic_time)
PMIC_STATUS pmic_rtc_get_time_alarm (struct timeval *pmic_time)
static int __init pmic_rtc_init (void)
static int pmic_rtc_ioctl (struct inode *inode, struct file *file, unsigned int cmd, unsigned long arg)
static int pmic_rtc_open (struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
static unsigned int pmic_rtc_poll (struct file *file, poll_table *wait)
static int pmic_rtc_probe (struct platform_device *pdev)
static int pmic_rtc_release (struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
static int pmic_rtc_remove (struct platform_device *pdev)
static int pmic_rtc_resume (struct platform_device *pdev)
PMIC_STATUS pmic_rtc_set_time (struct timeval *pmic_time)
PMIC_STATUS pmic_rtc_set_time_alarm (struct timeval *pmic_time)
static int pmic_rtc_suspend (struct platform_device *pdev, pm_message_t state)
PMIC_STATUS pmic_rtc_wait_alarm (void)
 subsys_initcall (pmic_rtc_init)


static pmic_event_callback_t alarm_callback
static struct class * pmic_rtc_class
static bool pmic_rtc_done = 0
static struct platform_driver pmic_rtc_driver_ldm
static struct file_operations pmic_rtc_fops
static int pmic_rtc_major
static pmic_event_callback_t rtc_callback

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