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dam.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This is the brief documentation for this dam.h file.

This header file contains DAM driver functions prototypes.

Definition in file dam.h.

Go to the source code of this file.


#define DAM_CONFIG_SSI1_MC13783   _IOWR(DAM_IOCTL, 1, int)
#define DAM_CONFIG_SSI2_MC13783   _IOWR(DAM_IOCTL, 2, int)
#define DAM_IOCTL   0x55
#define TEST_DAM   1


enum  dam_mode { normal_mode = 0, internal_network_mode = 1, CE_bus_network_mode = 2 }
enum  dam_port {
  port_1 = 0, port_2 = 1, port_3 = 2, port_4 = 3,
  port_5 = 4, port_6 = 5, port_7 = 6
enum  signal_direction { signal_in = 0, signal_out = 1 }


void dam_reset_register (dam_port port)
int dam_select_mode (dam_port port, dam_mode the_mode)
void dam_select_RxClk_direction (dam_port port, signal_direction direction)
void dam_select_RxClk_source (dam_port p_config, bool from_RxClk, dam_port p_source)
void dam_select_RxD_source (dam_port p_config, dam_port p_source)
void dam_select_RxFS_direction (dam_port port, signal_direction direction)
void dam_select_RxFS_source (dam_port p_config, bool from_RxFS, dam_port p_source)
void dam_select_TxClk_direction (dam_port port, signal_direction direction)
void dam_select_TxClk_source (dam_port p_config, bool from_RxClk, dam_port p_source)
void dam_select_TxFS_direction (dam_port port, signal_direction direction)
void dam_select_TxFS_source (dam_port p_config, bool from_RxFS, dam_port p_source)
int dam_set_internal_network_mode_mask (dam_port port, unsigned char bit_mask)
void dam_set_synchronous (dam_port port, bool synchronous)
void dam_switch_Tx_Rx (dam_port port, bool value)

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