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dma_sdma.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Front-end to the DMA handling. This handles the allocation/freeing of DMA channels, and provides a unified interface to the machines DMA facilities. This file contains functions for Smart DMA.

Definition in file dma_sdma.c.

#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/clk.h>
#include <linux/dma-mapping.h>
#include <mach/dma.h>
#include <mach/hardware.h>

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 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_enable)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_disable)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_callback_set)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_sg_config)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_config)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_free)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_request_ext)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sdma_virt_to_phys)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sdma_phys_to_virt)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sdma_free)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sdma_malloc)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_set_callback)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_free_dma)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_stop)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_start)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_get_config)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_set_config)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_set_channel_priority)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_dma_setup_channel)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (mxc_request_dma)
 MODULE_AUTHOR ("Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.")
int mxc_dma_callback_set (int channel_num, mxc_dma_callback_t callback, void *arg)
int mxc_dma_config (int channel_num, mxc_dma_requestbuf_t *dma_buf, int num_buf, mxc_dma_mode_t mode)
int mxc_dma_disable (int channel_num)
int mxc_dma_enable (int channel_num)
int mxc_dma_free (int channel_num)
int mxc_dma_get_config (int channel, dma_request_t *p, int bd_index)
int mxc_dma_request (mxc_dma_device_t channel_id, char *dev_name)
void mxc_dma_set_callback (int channel, dma_callback_t callback, void *arg)
int mxc_dma_set_channel_priority (unsigned int channel, unsigned int priority)
int mxc_dma_set_config (int channel, dma_request_t *p, int bd_index)
int mxc_dma_setup_channel (int channel, dma_channel_params *p)
int mxc_dma_sg_config (int channel_num, struct scatterlist *sg, int num_buf, int num_of_bytes, mxc_dma_mode_t mode)
int mxc_dma_start (int channel)
int mxc_dma_stop (int channel)
void mxc_free_dma (int channel)
int mxc_request_dma (int *channel, const char *devicename)
void sdma_free (void *buf)
void * sdma_malloc (size_t size)
void * sdma_phys_to_virt (unsigned long buf)
unsigned long sdma_virt_to_phys (void *buf)

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