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fsl_shw_return_t keystore_slot_alloc ( fsl_shw_kso_t keystore,
uint32_t  size,
uint64_t  owner_id,
uint32_t *  slot 

Allocate a slot in the Keystore.

This function attempts to allocate a slot to hold a key in the keystore. It is called by fsl_shw_establish_key() when establishing a Secure Key Object, if the key has been flagged to be stored in a user keystore by the fsl_shw_sko_set_keystore() function. It is a wrapper for the implementation-specific function slot_alloc().

keystore The Keystore object to operate on.
[in] size Size of the key to be stored (octets).
[in] owner_id ID of the key owner.
[out] slot If successful, assigned slot ID
A return code of type fsl_shw_return_t.

Definition at line 460 of file fsl_shw_keystore.c.


Referenced by fsl_shw_establish_key().


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