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km_adaptor.c File Reference

Detailed Description

The Adaptor component provides an interface to the driver for a kernel user.

Definition in file km_adaptor.c.

#include <adaptor.h>
#include <sf_util.h>
#include <sah_queue_manager.h>
#include <sah_memory_mapper.h>
#include <fsl_shw_keystore.h>

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fsl_shw_return_t adaptor_Exec_Descriptor_Chain (sah_Head_Desc *dar, fsl_shw_uco_t *uco)
 Writes the Descriptor Chain to the kernel driver.
fsl_shw_return_t do_scc_decrypt_region (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, void *partition_base, uint32_t offset_bytes, uint32_t byte_count, const uint8_t *black_data, uint32_t *IV, fsl_shw_cypher_mode_t cypher_mode)
fsl_shw_return_t do_scc_encrypt_region (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, void *partition_base, uint32_t offset_bytes, uint32_t byte_count, uint8_t *black_data, uint32_t *IV, fsl_shw_cypher_mode_t cypher_mode)
fsl_shw_return_t do_system_keystore_slot_alloc (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, uint32_t key_length, uint64_t ownerid, uint32_t *slot)
fsl_shw_return_t do_system_keystore_slot_dealloc (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, uint64_t ownerid, uint32_t slot)
fsl_shw_return_t do_system_keystore_slot_decrypt (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, uint64_t ownerid, uint32_t slot, uint32_t key_length, const uint8_t *black_data)
fsl_shw_return_t do_system_keystore_slot_encrypt (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, uint64_t ownerid, uint32_t slot, uint32_t key_length, uint8_t *black_data)
fsl_shw_return_t do_system_keystore_slot_load (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, uint64_t ownerid, uint32_t slot, const uint8_t *key, uint32_t key_length)
fsl_shw_return_t do_system_keystore_slot_read (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, uint64_t ownerid, uint32_t slot, uint32_t key_length, const uint8_t *key)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (do_system_keystore_slot_decrypt)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (do_system_keystore_slot_encrypt)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (do_system_keystore_slot_read)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (do_system_keystore_slot_load)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (do_system_keystore_slot_dealloc)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (do_system_keystore_slot_alloc)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (do_scc_decrypt_region)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (do_scc_encrypt_region)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fsl_shw_diminish_perms)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fsl_shw_sstatus)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fsl_shw_sfree)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (fsl_shw_smalloc)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sah_get_results)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sah_deregister)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (sah_register)
 EXPORT_SYMBOL (adaptor_Exec_Descriptor_Chain)
fsl_shw_return_t fsl_shw_diminish_perms (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, void *address, uint32_t permissions)
fsl_shw_return_t fsl_shw_sfree (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, void *address)
void * fsl_shw_smalloc (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, uint32_t size, const uint8_t *UMID, uint32_t permissions)
fsl_shw_return_t fsl_shw_sstatus (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, void *address, fsl_shw_partition_status_t *status)
fsl_shw_return_t get_capabilities (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, fsl_shw_pco_t *capabilities)
static sah_Descmy_alloc_desc (void *ref)
static sah_Head_Descmy_alloc_head_desc (void *ref)
static sah_Linkmy_alloc_link (void *ref)
static void my_free (void *ref, void *ptr)
static void my_free_desc (void *ref, sah_Desc *ptr)
static void my_free_head_desc (void *ref, sah_Head_Desc *ptr)
static void my_free_link (void *ref, sah_Link *ptr)
static void * my_malloc (void *ref, size_t n)
static void * my_memcpy (void *ref, void *dest, const void *src, size_t n)
static void * my_memset (void *ref, void *ptr, int ch, size_t n)
fsl_shw_return_t sah_deregister (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx)
 Sends a request to deregister this user.
fsl_shw_return_t sah_get_results (sah_results *arg, fsl_shw_uco_t *uco)
 Sends a request to get results for this user.
fsl_shw_return_t sah_register (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx)
 Sends a request to register this user.


fsl_shw_pco_t sahara2_capabilities
static sah_Mem_Util std_kernelmode_mem_util
fsl_shw_kso_t system_keystore

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