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Generic return code for functions which need such a thing.

No knowledge should be assumed of the value of any of these symbols except that OS_ERROR_OK_S is guaranteed to be zero.

OS_ERROR_OK_S  Success
OS_ERROR_FAIL_S  Generic driver failure
OS_ERROR_NO_MEMORY_S  Failure to acquire/use memory
OS_ERROR_BAD_ARG_S  Bad input argument

Definition at line 141 of file linux_port.h.

      OS_ERROR_OK_S = 0,      /*!< Success  */
      OS_ERROR_FAIL_S = -EIO, /*!< Generic driver failure */
      OS_ERROR_NO_MEMORY_S = -ENOMEM,     /*!< Failure to acquire/use memory  */
      OS_ERROR_BAD_ADDRESS_S = -EFAULT,   /*!< Bad address  */
      OS_ERROR_BAD_ARG_S = -EINVAL, /*!< Bad input argument  */
} os_error_code;

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