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static int mxc_asrc_open ( struct inode *  inode,
struct file *  file 
) [static]

asrc interface - open function

inode structure inode *
file structure file *
status 0 success, ENODEV invalid device instance, ENOBUFS failed to allocate buffer, ERESTARTSYS interrupted by user

Definition at line 1396 of file mxc_asrc.c.

      int err = 0;
      struct asrc_pair_params *pair_params;
      if (signal_pending(current))
            return -EINTR;
      pair_params = kzalloc(sizeof(struct asrc_pair_params), GFP_KERNEL);
      if (pair_params == NULL) {
            pr_debug("Failed to allocate pair_params\n");
            err = -ENOBUFS;

      file->private_data = pair_params;
      return err;

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