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static int mxci2c_suspend ( struct platform_device *  pdev,
pm_message_t  state 
) [static]

This function is called to put the I2C adapter in a low power state. Refer to the document driver-model/driver.txt in the kernel source tree for more information.

pdev the device structure used to give information on which I2C to suspend
state the power state the device is entering
The function returns 0 on success and -1 on failure.

Definition at line 598 of file mxc_i2c.c.

References mxc_i2c_device::adap, gpio_i2c_inactive(), mxc_i2c_device::low_power, and mxc_i2c_device::membase.

      mxc_i2c_device *mxcdev = platform_get_drvdata(pdev);
      volatile unsigned int sr = 0;

      if (mxcdev == NULL) {
            return -1;

      /* Prevent further calls to be processed */
      mxcdev->low_power = true;
      /* Wait till we finish the current transfer */
      sr = readw(mxcdev->membase + MXC_I2SR);
      while (sr & MXC_I2SR_IBB) {
            sr = readw(mxcdev->membase + MXC_I2SR);

      return 0;

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