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 * Freescale STMP378X PxP driver
 * Author: Matt Porter <mporter@embeddedalley.com>
 * Copyright 2008-2009 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
 * Copyright 2008-2009 Embedded Alley Solutions, Inc All Rights Reserved.

 * The code contained herein is licensed under the GNU General Public
 * License. You may obtain a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * Version 2 or later at the following locations:
 * http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.html
 * http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

struct pxp_overlay_registers {
      u32 ol;
      u32 olsize;
      u32 olparam;
      u32 olparam2;

/* Registers feed for PXP_NEXT */
struct pxp_registers {
      u32 ctrl;
      u32 rgbbuf;
      u32 rgbbuf2;
      u32 rgbsize;
      u32 s0buf;
      u32 s0ubuf;
      u32 s0vbuf;
      u32 s0param;
      u32 s0background;
      u32 s0crop;
      u32 s0scale;
      u32 s0offset;
      u32 s0colorkeylow;
      u32 s0colorkeyhigh;
      u32 olcolorkeylow;
      u32 olcolorkeyhigh;

      struct pxp_overlay_registers ol0;
      struct pxp_overlay_registers ol1;
      struct pxp_overlay_registers ol2;
      struct pxp_overlay_registers ol3;
      struct pxp_overlay_registers ol4;
      struct pxp_overlay_registers ol5;
      struct pxp_overlay_registers ol6;
      struct pxp_overlay_registers ol7;

struct pxp_buffer {
      /* Must be first! */
      struct videobuf_buffer vb;
      struct list_head queue;

struct pxps {
      struct platform_device *pdev;
      struct resource *res;
      int irq;
      void __iomem *regs;

      struct work_struct work;
      struct workqueue_struct *workqueue;
      spinlock_t lock;
      struct mutex mutex;
      int users;

      struct video_device *vdev;

      struct videobuf_queue s0_vbq;
      struct videobuf_buffer *active;
      struct list_head outq;
      struct list_head nextq;

      int output;
      u32 *outb;
      dma_addr_t outb_phys;

      /* Current S0 configuration */
      struct pxp_data_format *s0_fmt;
      u32 s0_width;
      u32 s0_height;
      u32 s0_bgcolor;
      u32 s0_chromakey;

      struct v4l2_framebuffer fb;
      struct v4l2_rect drect;
      struct v4l2_rect srect;

      /* Transformation support */
      int scaling;
      int hflip;
      int vflip;
      int rotate;
      int yuv;

      /* Output overlay support */
      int overlay_state;
      int global_alpha_state;
      u8  global_alpha;
      int local_alpha_state;
      int s1_chromakey_state;
      u32 s1_chromakey;

      /* PXP_NEXT */
      u32 regs_phys;
      struct pxp_registers *regs_virt;
      wait_queue_head_t done;
      int next_queue_ended;

struct pxp_data_format {
      char *name;
      unsigned int bpp;
      u32 fourcc;
      enum v4l2_colorspace colorspace;
      u32 ctrl_s0_fmt;

extern int stmp3xxxfb_get_info(struct fb_var_screeninfo *var,
                        struct fb_fix_screeninfo *fix);
extern void stmp3xxxfb_cfg_pxp(int enable, dma_addr_t pxp_phys);

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