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fsl_shw_return_t sah_add_two_in_desc ( uint32_t  header,
const uint8_t *  in1,
uint32_t  in1_length,
const uint8_t *  in2,
uint32_t  in2_length,
const sah_Mem_Util mu,
sah_Head_Desc **  desc_chain 

Add a descriptor with two input pointers

Add descriptor where both links are inputs.

header The Sahara header value for the descriptor.
in1 The first input buffer (or NULL)
in1_length Size of in1
[out] in2 The second input buffer (or NULL)
in2_length Size of in2
mu Memory functions
[in,out] desc_chain Chain to start or append to
A return code of type fsl_shw_return_t.

Definition at line 830 of file sf_util.c.

References FSL_RETURN_OK_S, sah_Append_Desc(), sah_Create_Link(), sah_Destroy_Link(), and SAH_USES_LINK_DATA.

    fsl_shw_return_t status = FSL_RETURN_OK_S;
    sah_Link* link1 = NULL;
    sah_Link* link2 = NULL;

      if (in1 != NULL) {
            status = sah_Create_Link(mu, &link1,
                  (sah_Oct_Str) in1, in1_length, SAH_USES_LINK_DATA);

    if ( (in2 != NULL) && (status == FSL_RETURN_OK_S) ) {
        status = sah_Create_Link(mu, &link2,
                                 (sah_Oct_Str) in2, in2_length,

    if (status != FSL_RETURN_OK_S) {
        if (link1 != NULL) {
            sah_Destroy_Link(mu, link1);
        if (link2 != NULL) {
            sah_Destroy_Link(mu, link2);
    } else {
        status = sah_Append_Desc(mu, desc_chain, header, link1, link2);

    return status;

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