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ssi.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This header file contains SSI driver functions prototypes.

Definition in file ssi.h.

#include "ssi_types.h"

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unsigned int get_ssi_fifo_addr (unsigned int ssi, int direction)
void ssi_ac97_frame_rate_divider (ssi_mod module, unsigned char frame_rate_divider)
unsigned int ssi_ac97_get_command_address_register (ssi_mod module)
unsigned int ssi_ac97_get_command_data_register (ssi_mod module)
unsigned int ssi_ac97_get_tag_register (ssi_mod module)
void ssi_ac97_mode_enable (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_ac97_read_command (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_ac97_set_command_address_register (ssi_mod module, unsigned int address)
void ssi_ac97_set_command_data_register (ssi_mod module, unsigned int data)
void ssi_ac97_set_tag_register (ssi_mod module, unsigned int tag)
void ssi_ac97_tag_in_fifo (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_ac97_variable_mode (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_ac97_write_command (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_clock_idle_state (ssi_mod module, idle_state state)
void ssi_clock_off (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_enable (ssi_mod module, bool state)
unsigned int ssi_get_data (ssi_mod module, fifo_nb fifo)
ssi_status_enable_mask ssi_get_status (ssi_mod module)
void ssi_i2s_mode (ssi_mod module, mode_i2s mode)
void ssi_interrupt_disable (ssi_mod module, ssi_status_enable_mask mask)
void ssi_interrupt_enable (ssi_mod module, ssi_status_enable_mask mask)
void ssi_network_mode (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_receive_enable (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_rx_bit0 (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_rx_clock_direction (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_direction direction)
void ssi_rx_clock_divide_by_two (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_rx_clock_polarity (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_clock_polarity polarity)
void ssi_rx_clock_prescaler (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_rx_early_frame_sync (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_early_frame_sync early)
unsigned char ssi_rx_fifo_counter (ssi_mod module, fifo_nb fifo)
void ssi_rx_fifo_enable (ssi_mod module, fifo_nb fifo, bool enabled)
int ssi_rx_fifo_full_watermark (ssi_mod module, fifo_nb fifo, unsigned char watermark)
void ssi_rx_flush_fifo (ssi_mod module)
void ssi_rx_frame_direction (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_direction direction)
int ssi_rx_frame_rate (ssi_mod module, unsigned char ratio)
void ssi_rx_frame_sync_active (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_frame_sync_active active)
void ssi_rx_frame_sync_length (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_frame_sync_length length)
void ssi_rx_mask_time_slot (ssi_mod module, unsigned int mask)
int ssi_rx_prescaler_modulus (ssi_mod module, unsigned int divider)
void ssi_rx_shift_direction (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_shift_direction direction)
void ssi_rx_word_length (ssi_mod module, ssi_word_length length)
void ssi_set_data (ssi_mod module, fifo_nb fifo, unsigned int data)
void ssi_set_wait_states (ssi_mod module, ssi_wait_states wait)
void ssi_synchronous_mode (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_system_clock (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_transmit_enable (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_two_channel_mode (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_tx_bit0 (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_tx_clock_direction (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_direction direction)
void ssi_tx_clock_divide_by_two (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_tx_clock_polarity (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_clock_polarity polarity)
void ssi_tx_clock_prescaler (ssi_mod module, bool state)
void ssi_tx_early_frame_sync (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_early_frame_sync early)
unsigned char ssi_tx_fifo_counter (ssi_mod module, fifo_nb fifo)
int ssi_tx_fifo_empty_watermark (ssi_mod module, fifo_nb fifo, unsigned char watermark)
void ssi_tx_fifo_enable (ssi_mod module, fifo_nb fifo, bool enable)
void ssi_tx_flush_fifo (ssi_mod module)
void ssi_tx_frame_direction (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_direction direction)
int ssi_tx_frame_rate (ssi_mod module, unsigned char ratio)
void ssi_tx_frame_sync_active (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_frame_sync_active active)
void ssi_tx_frame_sync_length (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_frame_sync_length length)
void ssi_tx_mask_time_slot (ssi_mod module, unsigned int mask)
int ssi_tx_prescaler_modulus (ssi_mod module, unsigned int divider)
void ssi_tx_shift_direction (ssi_mod module, ssi_tx_rx_shift_direction direction)
void ssi_tx_word_length (ssi_mod module, ssi_word_length length)

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