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ddi_bc_api.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Contains the Battery Charger API.

This file contains Battery Charger API.

Definition in file ddi_bc_api.c.

#include "ddi_bc_internal.h"

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ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_ForceChargingToStart (void)
 Restart the charge cycle.
ddi_bc_BrokenReason_t ddi_bc_GetBrokenReason (void)
 Report the reason for being in the broken state.
uint16_t ddi_bc_GetCurrentLimit (void)
 Report the current limit.
uint32_t ddi_bc_GetCurrentRampSlope (void)
 Report the current ramp slope.
ddi_bc_State_t ddi_bc_GetState (void)
 Get the Battery Charger's current state.
uint32_t ddi_bc_GetStateMachinePeriod (void)
 Report the state machine period.
uint32_t ddi_bc_GetStateTime (void)
 Report the time spent in the present state (milliseconds).
void ddi_bc_QueryCfg (ddi_bc_Cfg_t *pCfg)
 Report the Battery Charger configuration.
ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_SetBroken (void)
 Declare the battery to be broken.
uint16_t ddi_bc_SetCurrentLimit (uint16_t u16Limit)
 Set the current limit.
ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_SetDisable (void)
 Disable the Battery Charger.
ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_SetEnable (void)
 Enable the Battery Charger.
ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_SetFixed (void)
 Declare the battery to be fixed.
ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_SetNewPeriodAndSlope (uint32_t u32StateMachinePeriod, uint16_t u16CurrentRampSlope)
 Set the battery charger state machine period.
void ddi_bc_ShutDown (void)
 Shut down the Battery Charger.
ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_StateMachine (void)
 Advances the state machine.


bool bRestartChargeCycle
ddi_bc_BrokenReason_t ddi_bc_gBrokenReason
ddi_bc_Cfg_t g_ddi_bc_Configuration
 This structure holds the current Battery Charger configuration.
uint32_t g_ddi_bc_u32StateTimer

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