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ddi_bc_hw.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Contains the Battery Charger hardware operations.

This file contains Battery Charger hardware operations.

Definition in file ddi_bc_hw.c.

#include "ddi_bc_internal.h"

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int ddi_bc_hwBatteryChargerIsEnabled (void)
 Report if the battery charging hardware is available.
int ddi_bc_hwChargerPowerIsOn (void)
 Report if the charger hardware power is on.
uint8_t ddi_bc_hwCurrentToSetting (uint16_t u16Current)
 Convert a current in mA to a hardware setting.
uint16_t ddi_bc_hwExpressibleCurrent (uint16_t u16Current)
 Compute the actual current expressible in the hardware.
ddi_bc_BatteryMode_t ddi_bc_hwGetBatteryMode (void)
 Report the battery configuration.
ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_hwGetBatteryTemp (uint16_t *pReading)
 Report the battery temperature reading.
uint16_t ddi_bc_hwGetBatteryVoltage (void)
 Report the voltage across the battery.
int ddi_bc_hwGetChargeStatus (void)
 Reports if the charging current has fallen below the threshold.
uint16_t ddi_bc_hwGetCurrentThreshold (void)
 Report the charging current threshold.
void ddi_bc_hwGetDieTemp (int16_t *pLow, int16_t *pHigh)
 Report on the die temperature.
uint16_t ddi_bc_hwGetMaxCurrent (void)
 Report the maximum charging current.
bool ddi_bc_hwIsDcdcOn (void)
 Checks to see if the DCDC has been manually enabled.
int ddi_bc_hwPowerSupplyIsPresent (void)
 Report on the presence of the power supply.
void ddi_bc_hwSetChargerPower (int on)
 Turn the charging hardware on or off.
uint16_t ddi_bc_hwSetCurrentThreshold (uint16_t u16Threshold)
 Set the charging current threshold.
uint16_t ddi_bc_hwSetMaxCurrent (uint16_t u16Limit)
 Set the maximum charging current.
uint16_t ddi_bc_hwSettingToCurrent (uint8_t u8Setting)
 Convert a hardware current setting to a value in mA.

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