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ddi_bc_sm.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Contains the Battery Charger state machine.

Definition in file ddi_bc_sm.c.

#include <mach/ddi_bc.h>
#include "ddi_bc_internal.h"
#include <linux/delay.h>

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static ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_Broken (void)
 Broken state function.
static ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_Charging (void)
 Charging state function.
static ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_Conditioning (void)
 Conditioning state function.
static ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_Disabled (void)
 Disabled state function.
static ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_ToppingOff (void)
 Topping Off state function.
static ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_Uninitialized (void)
 Uninitialized state function.
static ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_WaitingToCharge (void)
 Waitin to Charge state function.
ddi_bc_Status_t stateFunctionTable (void)
 The state function table.
static void TransitionToBroken (void)
 Transition to the Broken state.
static void TransitionToCharging (void)
 Transition to the Charging state.
static void TransitionToConditioning (void)
 Transition to the Conditioning state.
static void TransitionToToppingOff (void)
 Transition to the Topping Off state.
static void TransitionToWaitingToCharge (void)
 Transition to the Waiting to Charge state.


bool bRestartChargeCycle = true
ddi_bc_BrokenReason_t ddi_bc_gBrokenReason = DDI_BC_BROKEN_UNINITIALIZED
ddi_bc_State_t g_ddi_bc_State = DDI_BC_STATE_UNINITIALIZED
 The current state.
uint32_t g_ddi_bc_u32StateTimer = 0

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