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ipu_prp_sw.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This file contains the IPU PRP use case driver header.

Definition in file ipu_prp_sw.h.

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int csi_enc_deselect (void *private)
int csi_enc_select (void *private)
int prp_enc_deselect (void *private)
 Uninstall encoding functions.
int prp_enc_select (void *private)
 Setup encoding functions.
int prp_still_deselect (void *private)
 Uninstall functions for still picture capture.
int prp_still_select (void *private)
 Setup functions for still picture capture.
int prp_vf_adc_deselect (void *private)
int prp_vf_adc_select (void *private)
int prp_vf_sdc_deselect (void *private)
int prp_vf_sdc_deselect_bg (void *private)
int prp_vf_sdc_select (void *private)
int prp_vf_sdc_select_bg (void *private)

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