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int prp_vf_adc_deselect ( void *  private  ) 

function to de-select PRP-VF as the working path

private cam_data * mxc v4l2 main structure

Definition at line 560 of file ipu_prp_vf_adc.c.

References prpvf_stop(), _cam_data::vf_start_adc, and _cam_data::vf_stop_adc.

Referenced by stop_preview().

      cam_data *cam;
      int err = 0;
      err = prpvf_stop(private);

      if (private) {
            cam = (cam_data *) private;
            cam->vf_start_adc = NULL;
            cam->vf_stop_adc = NULL;
      return err;

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