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 * Copyright 2006-2008 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

 * The code contained herein is licensed under the GNU General Public
 * License. You may obtain a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * Version 2 or later at the following locations:
 * http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.html
 * http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

 * @file mc521da.c
 * @brief MC521DA camera driver functions
 * @ingroup Camera

#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/ctype.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/delay.h>
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <linux/i2c.h>
#include <linux/clk.h>
#include "mxc_v4l2_capture.h"

#define MC521DA_I2C_ADDRESS   0x22
#define MC521DA_TERM          0xFF

typedef struct {
      u16 width;
      u16 height;
} mc521da_image_format;

struct mc521da_reg {
      u8 reg;
      u8 val;

static sensor_interface *interface_param = NULL;

static mc521da_image_format format[2] = {
       .width = 1600,
       .height = 1200,
       .width = 640,
       .height = 480,

const static struct mc521da_reg mc521da_initial[] = {
       * Sensor Setting Start
      {0xff, 0x01},           /* Sensor setting start */
      {0x01, 0x10},           /* Wavetable script, generated by waveman */
      {0x10, 0x64},
      {0x03, 0x00}, {0x04, 0x06}, {0x05, 0x30}, {0x06, 0x02}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x01}, {0x04, 0x41}, {0x05, 0x70}, {0x06, 0x03}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x02}, {0x04, 0x55}, {0x05, 0x30}, {0x06, 0x03}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x03}, {0x04, 0x5A}, {0x05, 0x30}, {0x06, 0x02}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x04}, {0x04, 0x7A}, {0x05, 0x30}, {0x06, 0x06}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x05}, {0x04, 0x9C}, {0x05, 0x30}, {0x06, 0x0F}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x06}, {0x04, 0x73}, {0x05, 0x31}, {0x06, 0x06}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x07}, {0x04, 0x2D}, {0x05, 0x3B}, {0x06, 0x06}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x08}, {0x04, 0x32}, {0x05, 0x33}, {0x06, 0x06}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x09}, {0x04, 0x67}, {0x05, 0x63}, {0x06, 0x06}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x0a}, {0x04, 0x6C}, {0x05, 0x23}, {0x06, 0x0E}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x0b}, {0x04, 0x71}, {0x05, 0x23}, {0x06, 0x06}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x0c}, {0x04, 0x30}, {0x05, 0x2F}, {0x06, 0x06}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x03, 0x0d}, {0x04, 0x00}, {0x05, 0x00}, {0x06, 0x06}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x07, 0x0e},

      /* Start Address */
      {0x10, 0x64}, {0x14, 0x10}, {0x15, 0x00},

      /* SYNC */
      {0x18, 0x40}, {0x19, 0x00}, {0x1A, 0x03}, {0x1B, 0x00},

      /* X-Y Mirror */
      {0x11, 0x00}, {0xda, 0x00},   /* X mirror OFF, Y Mirror OFF */

      /* Frame height */
      {0x1c, 0x13}, {0x1d, 0x04}, {0x0e, 0x4b}, {0x0f, 0x05},
      {0x9e, 0x04}, {0x9d, 0xc6}, {0xcc, 0x14}, {0xcd, 0x05},

      /* Frame width */
      {0x0c, 0x35}, {0x0d, 0x07}, {0x9b, 0x10}, {0x9c, 0x07},
      {0x93, 0x21},

      {0x01, 0x01}, {0x40, 0x00}, {0x41, 0x00}, {0x42, 0xf0},
      {0x43, 0x03}, {0x44, 0x0a}, {0x45, 0x00}, {0x3b, 0x40},
      {0x38, 0x18}, {0x3c, 0x00}, {0x20, 0x00}, {0x21, 0x01},
      {0x22, 0x00}, {0x23, 0x01}, {0x24, 0x00}, {0x25, 0x01},
      {0x26, 0x00}, {0x27, 0x01}, {0xb9, 0x04}, {0xb8, 0xc3},
      {0xbb, 0x04}, {0xba, 0xc3}, {0xbf, 0x04}, {0xbe, 0xc3},

      /* Ramp */
      {0x57, 0x07}, {0x56, 0xd6}, {0x55, 0x03}, {0x54, 0x74},
      {0x9f, 0x99}, {0x94, 0x80}, {0x91, 0x78}, {0x92, 0x8b},

      /* Output Mode */
      {0x52, 0x10}, {0x51, 0x00},

      /* Analog Gain and Output driver */
      {0x28, 0x00}, {0xdd, 0x82}, {0xdb, 0x00}, {0xdc, 0x00},

      /* Update */
      {0x00, 0x84},

      /* PLL  ADC clock = 75 MHz */
      {0xb5, 0x60}, {0xb4, 0x02}, {0xb5, 0x20},

      /*      ISP Setting Start                       */
      {0xff, 0x02},
      {0x01, 0xbd}, {0x02, 0xf8}, {0x03, 0x3a}, {0x04, 0x00}, {0x0e, 0x00},

      /* Output mode */
      {0x88, 0x00}, {0x87, 0x11},

      /* Threshold */
      {0xb6, 0x1b}, {0x0d, 0xc0}, {0x24, 0x00}, {0x25, 0x00}, {0x26, 0x00},

      /* Image Effect */
      {0x3f, 0x80}, {0x40, 0x00}, {0x41, 0x00}, {0x42, 0x80}, {0x43, 0x00},
      {0x44, 0x00}, {0x45, 0x00}, {0x46, 0x00}, {0x56, 0x80}, {0x57, 0x20},
      {0x58, 0x20}, {0x59, 0x02}, {0x5a, 0x00}, {0x5b, 0x78}, {0x5c, 0x7c},
      {0x5d, 0x84}, {0x5e, 0x85}, {0x5f, 0x78}, {0x60, 0x7e}, {0x61, 0x82},
      {0x62, 0x85}, {0x63, 0x00}, {0x64, 0x80}, {0x65, 0x00}, {0x66, 0x80},
      {0x67, 0x80}, {0x68, 0x80},

      /* Auto Focus */
      {0x6e, 0x02}, {0x6f, 0xe5}, {0x70, 0x08}, {0x71, 0x01}, {0x72, 0x00},

      /* Decimator */
      {0x78, 0xff}, {0x79, 0xff}, {0x7a, 0x70}, {0x7b, 0x00}, {0x7c, 0x00},
      {0x7d, 0x00}, {0x7e, 0xc8}, {0x7f, 0xc8}, {0x80, 0x96}, {0x81, 0x96},
      {0x82, 0x00}, {0x83, 0x00}, {0x84, 0x00}, {0x85, 0x00}, {0x86, 0x00},

      /* Luminance Info */
      {0xf9, 0x20}, {0xb7, 0x7f}, {0xb8, 0x28}, {0xb9, 0x08},
      {0xf9, 0xa0}, {0xb7, 0x10}, {0xb9, 0x00},
      {0xf9, 0x40}, {0xb7, 0x7f}, {0xb8, 0x28}, {0xb9, 0x08},
      {0xf9, 0xc0}, {0xb7, 0x08}, {0xb9, 0x00},
      {0xf9, 0x60}, {0xb7, 0x7f}, {0xb8, 0x28}, {0xb9, 0x08},
      {0xf9, 0xe0}, {0xb7, 0x05}, {0xb9, 0x00},
      {0xf9, 0x00}, {0xb7, 0x03}, {0xb8, 0x2d}, {0xb9, 0xcd},
      {0xf9, 0x80}, {0xb7, 0x02}, {0xb9, 0x00},

      /* AE */
      {0x8a, 0x00}, {0x89, 0xc0}, {0x8c, 0x32}, {0x8d, 0x96}, {0x8e, 0x25},
      {0x8f, 0x70}, {0x90, 0x12}, {0x91, 0x41}, {0x9e, 0x2e}, {0x9f, 0x2e},
      {0xa0, 0x0b}, {0xa1, 0x71}, {0xa2, 0xb0}, {0xa3, 0x09}, {0xa4, 0x89},
      {0xa5, 0x68}, {0xa6, 0x1a}, {0xa7, 0xb3}, {0xa8, 0xf0}, {0xa9, 0x19},
      {0xaa, 0x6a}, {0xab, 0x6b}, {0xac, 0x01}, {0xad, 0xe8}, {0xae, 0x48},
      {0xaf, 0x01}, {0xb0, 0x96}, {0xb1, 0xe6}, {0xb2, 0x03}, {0xb3, 0x00},
      {0xb4, 0x10}, {0xb5, 0x00}, {0xb6, 0x04}, {0xba, 0x44}, {0xbb, 0x3a},
      {0xbc, 0x01}, {0xbd, 0x08}, {0xbe, 0xa0}, {0xbf, 0x01}, {0xc0, 0x82},
      {0x8a, 0xe1}, {0x8b, 0x8c},

      /* AWB */
      {0xc8, 0x00}, {0xc9, 0x00}, {0xca, 0x40}, {0xcb, 0xB0}, {0xcc, 0x40},
      {0xcd, 0xff}, {0xce, 0x19}, {0xcf, 0x40}, {0xd0, 0x01}, {0xd1, 0x43},
      {0xd2, 0x80}, {0xd3, 0x80}, {0xd4, 0xf1}, {0xdf, 0x00}, {0xe0, 0x8f},
      {0xe1, 0x8f}, {0xe2, 0x53}, {0xe3, 0x97}, {0xe4, 0x1f}, {0xe5, 0x3b},
      {0xe6, 0x9c}, {0xe7, 0x2e}, {0xe8, 0x03}, {0xe9, 0x02},

      /* Neutral CCM */
      {0xfa, 0x00}, {0xd5, 0x3f}, {0xd6, 0x8c}, {0xd7, 0x43}, {0xd8, 0x08},
      {0xd9, 0x27}, {0xda, 0x7e}, {0xdb, 0x17}, {0xdc, 0x1a}, {0xdd, 0x47},
      {0xde, 0xa1},

      /* Blue CCM */
      {0xfa, 0x01}, {0xd5, 0x3f}, {0xd6, 0x77}, {0xd7, 0x34}, {0xd8, 0x03},
      {0xd9, 0x18}, {0xda, 0x6e}, {0xdb, 0x16}, {0xdc, 0x0f}, {0xdd, 0x29},
      {0xde, 0x77},

      /* Red CCM */
      {0xfa, 0x02}, {0xd5, 0x3f}, {0xd6, 0x7d}, {0xd7, 0x2f}, {0xd8, 0x0e},
      {0xd9, 0x1e}, {0xda, 0x76}, {0xdb, 0x18}, {0xdc, 0x29}, {0xdd, 0x51},
      {0xde, 0xba},

      /* AWB */
      {0xea, 0x00}, {0xeb, 0x1a}, {0xc8, 0x33}, {0xc9, 0xc2},

      {0xed, 0x02}, {0xee, 0x02},

      /* AFD */
      {0xf0, 0x11}, {0xf1, 0x03}, {0xf2, 0x05}, {0xf5, 0x05}, {0xf6, 0x32},
      {0xf7, 0x32},

      /* Lens Shading */
      {0xf9, 0x00}, {0x05, 0x04}, {0x06, 0xff}, {0x07, 0xf2}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x09, 0x00}, {0x0a, 0xf2}, {0x0b, 0xff}, {0x0c, 0xff},
      {0xf9, 0x01}, {0x05, 0x04}, {0x06, 0xff}, {0x07, 0x8b}, {0x08, 0x16},
      {0x09, 0x16}, {0x0a, 0x8b}, {0x0b, 0xff}, {0x0c, 0xe0},
      {0xf9, 0x02}, {0x05, 0x04}, {0x06, 0xff}, {0x07, 0x8b}, {0x08, 0x16},
      {0x09, 0x16}, {0x0a, 0x8b}, {0x0b, 0xff}, {0x0c, 0xe0},
      {0xf9, 0x03}, {0x05, 0x04}, {0x06, 0xff}, {0x07, 0x7c}, {0x08, 0x26},
      {0x09, 0x26}, {0x0a, 0x7c}, {0x0b, 0xd0}, {0x0c, 0xe0},
      {0xf9, 0x04}, {0x05, 0x0d}, {0x06, 0x40}, {0x07, 0xa0}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x09, 0x00}, {0x0a, 0xa0}, {0x0b, 0x40}, {0x0c, 0xe0},
      {0xf9, 0x05}, {0x05, 0x0d}, {0x06, 0x40}, {0x07, 0xa0}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x09, 0x00}, {0x0a, 0xa0}, {0x0b, 0x40}, {0x0c, 0xa0},
      {0xf9, 0x06}, {0x05, 0x0d}, {0x06, 0x40}, {0x07, 0xa0}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x09, 0x00}, {0x0a, 0xa0}, {0x0b, 0x40}, {0x0c, 0xa0},
      {0xf9, 0x07}, {0x05, 0x0d}, {0x06, 0x40}, {0x07, 0xa0}, {0x08, 0x00},
      {0x09, 0x00}, {0x0a, 0xa0}, {0x0b, 0x40}, {0x0c, 0xa0},

      /* Edge setting */
      {0x73, 0x68}, {0x74, 0x40}, {0x75, 0x00}, {0x76, 0xff}, {0x77, 0x80},
      {0x4f, 0x80}, {0x50, 0x82}, {0x51, 0x82}, {0x52, 0x08},

      /* Interpolation Setting */
      {0x23, 0x7f}, {0x22, 0x08}, {0x18, 0xff}, {0x19, 0x00},
      {0x40, 0x00}, {0x53, 0xff}, {0x54, 0x0a}, {0x55, 0xc2},
      {0x1b, 0x18},

      {0xfa, 0x00}, {0x15, 0x0c}, {0x22, 0x00}, {0x0e, 0xef}, {0x1f, 0x1d},
      {0x20, 0x2d}, {0x1c, 0x01}, {0x1d, 0x02}, {0x1e, 0x03}, {0x0e, 0xee},
      {0x12, 0x10}, {0x16, 0x10}, {0x17, 0x02}, {0x1a, 0x01},
      {0xfa, 0x04}, {0x0e, 0xef}, {0x1c, 0x01}, {0x1d, 0x02}, {0x1e, 0x03},
      {0x1f, 0x11}, {0x20, 0x11}, {0x0e, 0xee}, {0x12, 0x03}, {0x16, 0x10},
      {0x17, 0x02}, {0x1a, 0xee},
      {0xfa, 0x08}, {0x0e, 0xef}, {0x1c, 0x01}, {0x1d, 0x02}, {0x1e, 0x03},
      {0x1f, 0x00}, {0x20, 0x00}, {0x0e, 0xee}, {0x12, 0x03}, {0x16, 0x10},
      {0x17, 0x02}, {0x1a, 0x22},

      /* Gamma Correction */
      {0x27, 0x62}, {0x28, 0x00}, {0x27, 0x62}, {0x28, 0x00}, {0x29, 0x00},
      {0x2a, 0x00}, {0x2f, 0x03}, {0x30, 0x10}, {0x31, 0x2b}, {0x32, 0x50},
      {0x33, 0x70}, {0x34, 0x90}, {0x35, 0xB0}, {0x36, 0xD0}, {0x37, 0x00},
      {0x38, 0x18}, {0x39, 0x57}, {0x3a, 0x89}, {0x3b, 0xac}, {0x3c, 0xc9},
      {0x3d, 0xde}, {0x3e, 0xef}, {0x2b, 0x00}, {0x2c, 0x00}, {0x2d, 0x40},
      {0x2e, 0xab},

      /* Contrast */
      {0x47, 0x10}, {0x48, 0x1f}, {0x49, 0xe3}, {0x4a, 0xf0}, {0x4b, 0x08},
      {0x4c, 0x14}, {0x4d, 0xe9}, {0x4e, 0xf5}, {0x98, 0x8a},

      {0xfa, 0x00},
      {MC521DA_TERM, MC521DA_TERM}

static int mc521da_attach(struct i2c_adapter *adapter);
static int mc521da_detach(struct i2c_client *client);

static struct i2c_driver mc521da_i2c_driver = {
      .driver = {
               .owner = THIS_MODULE,
               .name = "MC521DA Client",
      .attach_adapter = mc521da_attach,
      .detach_client = mc521da_detach,

static struct i2c_client mc521da_i2c_client = {
      .name = "MC521DA I2C dev",
      .addr = MC521DA_I2C_ADDRESS,
      .driver = &mc521da_i2c_driver,

static inline int mc521da_read_reg(u8 reg)
      return i2c_smbus_read_byte_data(&mc521da_i2c_client, reg);

static inline int mc521da_write_reg(u8 reg, u8 val)
      return i2c_smbus_write_byte_data(&mc521da_i2c_client, reg, val);

static int mc521da_write_regs(const struct mc521da_reg reglist[])
      int err;
      const struct mc521da_reg *next = reglist;

      while (!((next->reg == MC521DA_TERM) && (next->val == MC521DA_TERM))) {
            err = mc521da_write_reg(next->reg, next->val);
            if (err) {
                  return err;
      return 0;

 * mc521da sensor downscale function
 * @param downscale            bool
 * @return  Error code indicating success or failure
00304 static u8 mc521da_sensor_downscale(bool downscale)
      u8 data;
      u32 i = 0;

      if (downscale == true) {
            // VGA
            mc521da_write_reg(0xff, 0x01);

            mc521da_write_reg(0x52, 0x30);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x51, 0x00);

            mc521da_write_reg(0xda, 0x01);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x00, 0x8C);

            /* Wait for changes to take effect */
            while (i < 256) {
                  data = mc521da_read_reg(0x00);
                  if ((data & 0x80) == 0)

            /* ISP */
            mc521da_write_reg(0xff, 0x02);

            mc521da_write_reg(0x03, 0x3b);      /* Enable Decimator */

            mc521da_write_reg(0x7a, 0x74);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x7b, 0x01);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x7e, 0x50);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x7f, 0x50);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x80, 0x3c);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x81, 0x3c);
      } else {
            mc521da_write_reg(0xff, 0x01);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x52, 0x10);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x51, 0x00);
            mc521da_write_reg(0xda, 0x00);

            /* update */
            mc521da_write_reg(0x00, 0x84);

            /* Wait for changes to take effect */
            while (i < 256) {
                  data = mc521da_read_reg(0x00);
                  if ((data & 0x80) == 0)

            /* ISP */
            mc521da_write_reg(0xff, 0x02);

            mc521da_write_reg(0x03, 0x3a);

            mc521da_write_reg(0x7a, 0x70);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x7b, 0x00);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x7e, 0xc8);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x7f, 0xc8);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x80, 0x96);
            mc521da_write_reg(0x81, 0x96);

      return 0;

 * mc521da sensor interface Initialization
 * @param param            sensor_interface *
 * @param width            u32
 * @param height           u32
 * @return  None
00381 static void mc521da_interface(sensor_interface * param, u32 width, u32 height)
      param->clk_mode = 0x0;  //gated
      param->pixclk_pol = 0x0;
      param->data_width = 0x1;
      param->data_pol = 0x0;
      param->ext_vsync = 0x0;
      param->Vsync_pol = 0x0;
      param->Hsync_pol = 0x0;
      param->width = width - 1;
      param->height = height - 1;
      param->active_width = width;
      param->active_height = height;
      param->pixel_fmt = IPU_PIX_FMT_UYVY;

extern void gpio_sensor_reset(bool flag);

 * mc521da Reset function
 * @return  None
00404 static sensor_interface *mc521da_reset(void)
      if (interface_param == NULL)
            return NULL;

      mc521da_interface(interface_param, format[1].width, format[1].height);


      return interface_param;

 * mc521da sensor configuration
 * @param frame_rate       int      *
 * @param high_quality     int
 * @return  sensor_interface *
00427 static sensor_interface *mc521da_config(int *frame_rate, int high_quality)
      int num_clock_per_row, err;
      int max_rate = 0;
      int index = 1;
      u16 frame_height;

      if (high_quality == 1)
            index = 0;

      err = mc521da_write_regs(mc521da_initial);
      if (err) {
            /* Reduce the MCLK */
            interface_param->mclk = 20000000;

            printk(KERN_INFO "mc521da: mclk reduced\n");

      mc521da_interface(interface_param, format[index].width,

      if (index == 0) {
      } else {

      num_clock_per_row = 1845;
      max_rate = interface_param->mclk * 3 * (index + 1)
          / (2 * num_clock_per_row * 1300);

      if ((*frame_rate > max_rate) || (*frame_rate == 0)) {
            *frame_rate = max_rate;

      frame_height = 1300 * max_rate / (*frame_rate);

      *frame_rate = interface_param->mclk * 3 * (index + 1)
          / (2 * num_clock_per_row * frame_height);

      mc521da_write_reg(0xff, 0x01);
      mc521da_write_reg(0xE, frame_height & 0xFF);
      mc521da_write_reg(0xF, (frame_height & 0xFF00) >> 8);
      mc521da_write_reg(0xCC, frame_height & 0xFF);
      mc521da_write_reg(0xCD, (frame_height & 0xFF00) >> 8);

      return interface_param;

 * mc521da sensor set color configuration
 * @param bright       int
 * @param saturation   int
 * @param red          int
 * @param green        int
 * @param blue         int
 * @return  None
static void
00489 mc521da_set_color(int bright, int saturation, int red, int green, int blue)
      /* Select ISP */
      mc521da_write_reg(0xff, 0x02);

      mc521da_write_reg(0x41, bright);
      mc521da_write_reg(0xca, red);
      mc521da_write_reg(0xcb, green);
      mc521da_write_reg(0xcc, blue);

 * mc521da sensor get color configuration
 * @param bright       int *
 * @param saturation   int *
 * @param red          int *
 * @param green        int *
 * @param blue         int *
 * @return  None
static void
00511 mc521da_get_color(int *bright, int *saturation, int *red, int *green, int *blue)
      *saturation = 0;

      /* Select ISP */
      mc521da_write_reg(0xff, 0x02);

      *bright = mc521da_read_reg(0x41);
      *red = mc521da_read_reg(0xCA);
      *green = mc521da_read_reg(0xCB);
      *blue = mc521da_read_reg(0xCC);

struct camera_sensor camera_sensor_if = {

 * mc521da I2C detect_client function
 * @param adapter            struct i2c_adapter *
 * @param address            int
 * @param kind               int
 * @return  Error code indicating success or failure
00540 static int mc521da_detect_client(struct i2c_adapter *adapter, int address,
                         int kind)
      mc521da_i2c_client.adapter = adapter;
      if (i2c_attach_client(&mc521da_i2c_client)) {
            mc521da_i2c_client.adapter = NULL;
            printk(KERN_ERR "mc521da_attach: i2c_attach_client failed\n");
            return -1;

      interface_param = (sensor_interface *)
          kmalloc(sizeof(sensor_interface), GFP_KERNEL);
      if (!interface_param) {
            printk(KERN_ERR "mc521da_attach: kmalloc failed \n");
            return -1;

      interface_param->mclk = 25000000;

      printk(KERN_INFO "mc521da Detected\n");

      return 0;

static unsigned short normal_i2c[] = { MC521DA_I2C_ADDRESS, I2C_CLIENT_END };

/* Magic definition of all other variables and things */

static int mc521da_attach(struct i2c_adapter *adap)
      uint32_t mclk = 25000000;
      struct clk *clk;
      int err;

      clk = clk_get(NULL, "csi_clk");


      err = i2c_probe(adap, &addr_data, &mc521da_detect_client);


      return err;

 * mc521da I2C detach function
 * @param client            struct i2c_client *
 * @return  Error code indicating success or failure
00598 static int mc521da_detach(struct i2c_client *client)
      int err;

      if (!mc521da_i2c_client.adapter)
            return -1;

      err = i2c_detach_client(&mc521da_i2c_client);
      mc521da_i2c_client.adapter = NULL;

      if (interface_param)
      interface_param = NULL;

      return err;

extern void gpio_sensor_active(void);
extern void gpio_sensor_inactive(void);

 * mc521da init function
 * @return  Error code indicating success or failure
00623 static __init int mc521da_init(void)
      return i2c_add_driver(&mc521da_i2c_driver);

 * mc521da cleanup function
 * @return  Error code indicating success or failure
00634 static void __exit mc521da_clean(void)


/* Exported symbols for modules. */

MODULE_AUTHOR("Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.");

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