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mxc_spi_unique_def Struct Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This structure contains information that differs with SPI master controller hardware version.

Definition at line 79 of file mxc_spi.c.

Public Attributes

unsigned int bc_mask
unsigned int bc_overflow
unsigned int bc_shift
unsigned int cs_shift
unsigned int ctrl_reg_addr
unsigned int data_mask
unsigned int data_shift
unsigned int drctrl_shift
unsigned int fifo_size
unsigned int int_status_dif
unsigned int intr_bit_shift
unsigned int lbc
unsigned int low_pol_shift
unsigned int master_enable
unsigned int max_data_rate
unsigned int mode_mask
unsigned int mode_shift
unsigned int period_reg_addr
unsigned int pha_shift
unsigned int reset_reg_addr
unsigned int reset_start
unsigned int rx_cnt_mask
unsigned int rx_cnt_off
unsigned int rx_inten_dif
unsigned int sclk_ctl_shift
unsigned int spi_enable
unsigned int ss_ctrl_shift
unsigned int ss_pol_shift
unsigned int stat_reg_addr
unsigned int test_reg_addr
unsigned int tx_inten_dif
unsigned int xch
unsigned int xfer_complete

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