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mxcmci_host Struct Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This structure is a way for the low level driver to define their own mmc_host structure. This structure includes the core mmc_host structure that is provided by Linux MMC/SD Bus protocol driver as an element and has other elements that are specifically required by this low-level driver.

Definition at line 179 of file mxc_mmc.c.

Public Attributes

void * base
struct clkclk
struct mmc_command * cmd
unsigned int cmdat
int current_vdd
struct mmc_data * data
int detect_irq
int dma
unsigned int dma_dir
unsigned int dma_len
unsigned int dma_size
unsigned int id
int irq
spinlock_t lock
struct mmc_host * mmc
int mode
unsigned int mxc_mmc_suspend_flag
struct mxc_mmc_platform_data * plat_data
unsigned int power_mode
struct regulator * regulator_mmc
struct mmc_request * req
struct resource * res
int sdio_irq_cnt
dma_addr_t sg_dma

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