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pmic_audio_device Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

This structure stores current state of audio configuration soundcard wrt a specific stream (playback on different DACs, recording on the codec etc). It is used to set/get current values and are NOT accessed by the Mixer. This structure shall be retrieved thru pcm substream pointer and hence the mixer component will have no access to it. There will be as many structures as the number of streams. In our case it's 3. Codec playback STDAC playback and voice codec recording. This structure will be used at the beginning of activating a stream to configure audio chip.

Definition at line 214 of file mxc-alsa-pmic.c.

Public Attributes

int bcl_inverted
int codec_filter
int fs_inverted
int mode
int pll
int pll_rate
int protocol
int sample_rate
int ssi

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