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static void __init fixup_mxc_board ( struct machine_desc *  desc,
struct tag *  tags,
char **  cmdline,
struct meminfo *  mi 
) [static]

Board specific fixup function. It is called by setup_arch() in setup.c file very early on during kernel starts. It allows the user to statically fill in the proper values for the passed-in parameters. None of the parameters is used currently.

desc pointer to struct machine_desc
tags pointer to struct tag
cmdline pointer to the command line
mi pointer to struct meminfo

Definition at line 838 of file mx35_3stack.c.

References mxc_cpu_init().


      do {
            int nid;
            mi->nr_banks = MXC_NUMNODES;
            for (nid = 0; nid < mi->nr_banks; nid++)
                  SET_NODE(mi, nid);
      } while (0);

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