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ddi_bc_ramp.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Internal header file for Battery Charger current ramp controller.

This file contains internal declarations for Battery current ramp controller.

Definition in file ddi_bc_ramp.h.

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int ddi_bc_RampGetAmbientTempAlarm (void)
 Reports the state of the ambient temperature alarm.
int ddi_bc_RampGetBatteryTempAlarm (void)
 Reports the state of the battery temperature alarm.
int ddi_bc_RampGetDieTempAlarm (void)
 Reports the state of the die temperature alarm.
uint16_t ddi_bc_RampGetLimit (void)
 Report the current limit.
uint16_t ddi_bc_RampGetTarget (void)
 Report the target.
void ddi_bc_RampReset ()
 Reset the current ramp.
uint16_t ddi_bc_RampSetLimit (uint16_t u16Limit)
 Set the current limit.
uint16_t ddi_bc_RampSetTarget (uint16_t u16Target)
 Set the target current.
ddi_bc_Status_t ddi_bc_RampStep (uint32_t u32Time)
 Step the current ramp.
void ddi_bc_RampUpdateAlarms ()
 Update alarms.

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