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sahara2 Directory Reference


directory  include


file  fsl_shw_auth.c [code]
file  fsl_shw_hash.c [code]
file  fsl_shw_hmac.c [code]
file  fsl_shw_keystore.c [code]
file  fsl_shw_rand.c [code]
file  fsl_shw_sym.c [code]
file  fsl_shw_user.c [code]
file  fsl_shw_wrap.c [code]
file  km_adaptor.c [code]
 The Adaptor component provides an interface to the driver for a kernel user.
file  sah_driver_interface.c [code]
 Provides a Linux Kernel Module interface to the SAHARA h/w device.
file  sah_hardware_interface.c [code]
 Provides an interface to the SAHARA hardware registers.
file  sah_interrupt_handler.c [code]
 Provides a hardware interrupt handling mechanism for device driver.
file  sah_memory_mapper.c [code]
 Re-creates SAHARA data structures in Kernel memory such that they are suitable for DMA. Provides support for kernel API.
file  sah_queue.c [code]
 This file provides a FIFO Queue implementation.
file  sah_queue_manager.c [code]
 This file provides a Queue Manager implementation.
file  sah_status_manager.c [code]
 Status Manager Function.
file  sf_util.c [code]
 Security Functions component API - Utility functions.

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