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mxc_lcdc_bl.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Backlight Driver for LCDC PWM on Freescale MXC/i.MX platforms.

This file contains API defined in include/linux/clk.h for setting up and retrieving clocks.

Based on Sharp's Corgi Backlight Driver

Definition in file mxc_lcdc_bl.c.

#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/platform_device.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/fb.h>
#include <linux/backlight.h>
#include <linux/clk.h>

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struct  mxcbl_dev_data


#define MXC_MAX_INTENSITY   255


 MODULE_AUTHOR ("Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.")
 MODULE_DESCRIPTION ("Freescale MXC/i.MX LCDC PWM Backlight Driver")
 module_exit (mxcbl_exit)
 module_init (mxcbl_init)
void mx2fb_set_brightness (uint8_t)
 Set LCD brightness.
static int mxcbl_check_fb (struct fb_info *info)
static void __exit mxcbl_exit (void)
static int mxcbl_get_intensity (struct backlight_device *bd)
static int __init mxcbl_init (void)
static int __init mxcbl_probe (struct platform_device *pdev)
static int mxcbl_remove (struct platform_device *pdev)
static int mxcbl_send_intensity (struct backlight_device *bd)


static struct platform_driver mxcbl_driver
static struct backlight_ops mxcbl_ops

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