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static scc_return_t scc_decrypt ( uint32_t  count_in_bytes,
const uint8_t *  data_in,
uint32_t  scm_control,
uint8_t *  data_out,
int  verify_crc,
unsigned long *  count_out_bytes 
) [static]

Perform a decryption on the input. If verify_crc is true, the last block (maybe the two last blocks) is special - it should contain a CRC and padding. These must be stripped and verified.

[in] count_in_bytes Count of bytes of ciphertext
[in] data_in Pointer to the ciphertext
[in] scm_control Bit values for the SCM_CONTROL register
[in,out] data_out Pointer for storing plaintext
[in] verify_crc Flag for running CRC - 0 no, else yes
[in,out] count_out_bytes Number of bytes available at data_out

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