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sah_hardware_interface.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Provides an interface to the SAHARA hardware registers.

Definition in file sah_hardware_interface.h.

#include <sah_driver_common.h>
#include <sah_status_manager.h>

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#define CMD_BATCH   0x00010000
#define CMD_CLR_ERROR_BIT   0x00000200
#define CMD_CLR_INT_BIT   0x00000100
#define CMD_RESET   0x00000001
#define CTRL_BYTE_SWAP   0x00000001
#define CTRL_HA   0x00000020
#define CTRL_HA_DISABLE   0x00000040
#define CTRL_HALFWORD_SWAP   0x00000002
#define CTRL_INT_EN   0x00000010
#define CTRL_RNG_RESEED   0x00000080
#define OP_STATUS   0x00000020
#define STATUS_ERROR   0x00000010


uint32_t sah_HW_Read_CDAR (void)
 Read SAHARA hardware CDAR Register.
uint32_t sah_HW_Read_Config (void)
 Read SAHARA Configuration Register.
uint32_t sah_HW_Read_Control (void)
 Read SAHARA hardware Control Register.
uint32_t sah_HW_Read_DAR (void)
 Read SAHARA hardware DAR Register.
uint32_t sah_HW_Read_Error_Status (void)
 Read SAHARA hardware Error Status Register.
uint32_t sah_HW_Read_Fault_Address (void)
 Read SAHARA Fault Address Register.
uint32_t sah_HW_Read_IDAR (void)
 Read SAHARA hardware IDAR Register.
uint32_t sah_HW_Read_MM_Status (void)
 Read SAHARA hardware MM Stat Register.
uint32_t sah_HW_Read_Op_Status (void)
 Read SAHARA hardware Op Status Register.
uint32_t sah_HW_Read_Status (void)
 Read SAHARA hardware Status Register.
uint32_t sah_HW_Read_Version (void)
 Read SAHARA hardware Version Register.
int sah_HW_Reset (void)
 SAHARA hardware reset function.
fsl_shw_return_t sah_HW_Set_HA (void)
 SAHARA hardware enable High Assurance mode.
void sah_HW_Write_Command (uint32_t command)
 Write to SAHARA hardware Command Register.
void sah_HW_Write_Config (uint32_t configuration)
 Write to SAHARA hardware Configuration Register.
void sah_HW_Write_Control (uint32_t control)
 Write to SAHARA hardware Control Register.
void sah_HW_Write_DAR (uint32_t pointer)
 Write to SAHARA Descriptor Address Register.
sah_Execute_Status sah_Wait_On_Sahara (void)

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