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sah_queue.c File Reference

Detailed Description

This file provides a FIFO Queue implementation.

Definition in file sah_queue.c.

#include <sah_queue_manager.h>

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void sah_Queue_Append_Entry (sah_Queue *q, sah_Head_Desc *entry)
 Appends a sah_Head_Desc to a sah_Queue.
sah_Queuesah_Queue_Construct (void)
 sah_Queue Constructor
void sah_Queue_Destroy (sah_Queue *q)
 sah_Queue Destructor
void sah_Queue_Remove_Any_Entry (sah_Queue *q, sah_Head_Desc *entry)
 Removes a sah_Head_Desc from anywhere in a sah_Queue.
void sah_Queue_Remove_Entry (sah_Queue *q)
 Removes a sah_Head_Desc from a the head of a sah_Queue.

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