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fsl_shw_return_t sah_add_out_in_desc ( uint32_t  header,
uint8_t *  out1,
uint32_t  out1_length,
const uint8_t *  in2,
uint32_t  in2_length,
const sah_Mem_Util mu,
sah_Head_Desc **  desc_chain 

Add a descriptor with an output and input pointer

Add descriptor where first link is output, second is output

header The Sahara header value for the descriptor.
out1 The first output buffer (or NULL)
out1_length Size of out1
[out] in2 The input buffer (or NULL)
in2_length Size of in2
mu Memory functions
[in,out] desc_chain Chain to start or append to
A return code of type fsl_shw_return_t.

Definition at line 1145 of file sf_util.c.

References FSL_RETURN_OK_S, sah_Append_Desc(), sah_Create_Link(), sah_Destroy_Link(), SAH_OUTPUT_LINK, and SAH_USES_LINK_DATA.

    fsl_shw_return_t status = FSL_RETURN_OK_S;
    sah_Link         *link1 = NULL;
    sah_Link         *link2 = NULL;

    if (out1 != NULL) {
        status = sah_Create_Link(mu, &link1,
                                 (sah_Oct_Str) out1, out1_length,
                                 SAH_OUTPUT_LINK |

    if ( (in2 != NULL) && (status == FSL_RETURN_OK_S) ) {
        status = sah_Create_Link(mu, &link2,
                                 (sah_Oct_Str) in2, in2_length,

    if (status != FSL_RETURN_OK_S) {
        if (link1 != NULL) {
            sah_Destroy_Link(mu, link1);
        if (link2 != NULL) {
            sah_Destroy_Link(mu, link2);
    } else {
        status = sah_Append_Desc(mu, desc_chain, header, link1, link2);

    return status;

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