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uint16_t ddi_bc_hwSettingToCurrent ( uint8_t  u8Setting  ) 

Convert a hardware current setting to a value in mA.


This function converts a setting used by HW_POWER_BATTCHRG.STOP_ILIMIT or HW_POWER_BATTCHRG.BATTCHRG_I into an actual current measurement in mA.

Note that the hardware current fields are 6 bits wide. The higher bits in the 8-bit input parameter are ignored.

[in] u8Setting A hardware current setting.
Return values:
The corresponding current in mA.

Definition at line 364 of file ddi_bc_hw.c.

References ddi_power_convert_setting_to_current().

      return ddi_power_convert_setting_to_current(u8Setting);

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