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uint16_t ddi_bc_hwExpressibleCurrent ( uint16_t  u16Current  ) 

Compute the actual current expressible in the hardware.


Given a desired current, this function computes the actual current expressible in the hardware.

Note that the hardware has a minimum resolution of 10mA and a maximum expressible value of 780mA (see the data sheet for details). If the given current cannot be expressed exactly, then the largest expressible smaller value will be used.

[in] u16Current The current of interest.
Return values:
The corresponding current in mA.

Definition at line 388 of file ddi_bc_hw.c.

References ddi_power_ExpressibleCurrent().

Referenced by ddi_bc_Charging(), ddi_bc_RampSetLimit(), ddi_bc_RampSetTarget(), and ddi_bc_RampStep().

      //TODO: replace the bc function with this one
      return ddi_power_ExpressibleCurrent(u16Current);

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