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void mxc_iomux_set_input ( iomux_input_select_t  input,
u32  config 

This function configures input path.

input index of input select register as defined in iomux_input_select_t
config the binary value of elements defined in iomux_input_config_t

Definition at line 191 of file iomux.c.

Referenced by gpio_can_active(), gpio_i2c_active(), gpio_spi_active(), gpio_uart_active(), gpio_uart_inactive(), mx25_3stack_gpio_init(), and mx35_3stack_gpio_init().

      void *reg = IOMUXSW_INPUT_CTL + (input << 2);

      BUG_ON(input >= MUX_INPUT_NUM_MUX);

      __raw_writel(config, reg);

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