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adaptor.h File Reference

Detailed Description

The Adaptor component provides an interface to the device driver.

Intended to be used by the FSL SHW API, this can also be called directly

Definition in file adaptor.h.

#include <sahara.h>

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struct  sah_dar
struct  sah_register
struct  scc_data
struct  scc_partition_info_t
struct  scc_region_t
struct  scc_slot_t


typedef struct sah_dar sah_dar_t
typedef struct sah_register sah_register_t
typedef struct scc_data scc_data_t


fsl_shw_return_t adaptor_Exec_Descriptor_Chain (sah_Head_Desc *dar, fsl_shw_uco_t *uco)
 Writes the Descriptor Chain to the kernel driver.
fsl_shw_return_t get_capabilities (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx, fsl_shw_pco_t *capabilities)
fsl_shw_return_t sah_deregister (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx)
 Sends a request to deregister this user.
fsl_shw_return_t sah_get_results (sah_results *arg, fsl_shw_uco_t *uco)
 Sends a request to get results for this user.
fsl_shw_return_t sah_register (fsl_shw_uco_t *user_ctx)
 Sends a request to register this user.

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