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int _ipu_csi_set_skip_isp ( uint32_t  skip,
uint32_t  max_ratio,
uint32_t  csi 


skip select frames to be skipped and set the correspond bits to 1
max_ratio number of frames in a skipping set and the maximum value of max_ratio is 5
csi csi 0 or csi 1
Returns 0 on success or negative error code on fail

Definition at line 468 of file ipu_capture.c.

      uint32_t temp;
      int retval = 0;
      unsigned long lock_flags;

      if (max_ratio > 5) {
            retval = -EINVAL;
            goto err;

      spin_lock_irqsave(&ipu_lock, lock_flags);

      temp = __raw_readl(CSI_SKIP(csi));
      temp |= (max_ratio << CSI_MAX_RATIO_SKIP_ISP_SHIFT) |
            (skip << CSI_SKIP_ISP_SHIFT);
      __raw_writel(temp, CSI_SKIP(csi));

      spin_unlock_irqrestore(&ipu_lock, lock_flags);
      return retval;

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