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static void scc_wait_completion ( void   )  [static]

Poll looking for end-of-cipher indication. Only used if SCC_SCM_SLEEP is not defined.

For internal use only.

On a Tahiti, crypto under 230 or so bytes is done after the first loop, all the way up to five sets of spins for 1024 bytes. (8- and 16-byte functions are done when we first look. Zeroizing takes one pass around.

Definition at line 2174 of file mxc_scc.c.

References is_cipher_done(), and SCC_CIPHER_MAX_POLL_COUNT.

Referenced by scc_do_crypto(), and scc_zeroize_memories().

      int i = 0;

      /* check for completion by polling */
      while (!is_cipher_done() && (i++ < SCC_CIPHER_MAX_POLL_COUNT)) {
      pr_debug("SCC: Polled DONE %d times\n", i);
}                       /* scc_wait_completion() */

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