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#define SCC_READ_REGISTER ( offset   )     __raw_readl(scc_base+(offset))

Read a 32-bit value from an SCC register. Macro which depends upon scc_base. Linux readl()/writel() macros operate on 32-bit quantities, as do SCC register reads/writes.

offset Register offset within SCC.
The value from the SCC's register.

Definition at line 276 of file mxc_scc_internals.h.

Referenced by copy_from_scc(), copy_to_scc(), host_owns_partition(), is_cipher_done(), OS_DEV_ISR(), partition_engaged(), scc_allocate_partition(), scc_diminish_permissions(), scc_do_crypto(), scc_encrypt(), scc_engage_partition(), scc_grab_config_values(), scc_init(), scc_partition_status(), scc_read_register(), scc_release_partition(), scc_update_state(), scc_write_register(), and scc_zeroize_memories().

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