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Identifies the hardware interrupt source.

This enumeration identifies which of the possible hardware interrupt sources actually caused the current interrupt handler to be called.

CORE_EVENT_MC2BI  Microphone Bias 2 detect.
CORE_EVENT_HSDETI  Detect Headset attach
CORE_EVENT_HSLI  Detect Stereo Headset
CORE_EVENT_ALSPTHI  Detect Thermal shutdown of ALSP
CORE_EVENT_AHSSHORTI  Detect Short circuit on AHS outputs
CORE_EVENT_4V4  Detected USB 4.4 V event.
CORE_EVENT_2V0  Detected USB 2.0 V event.
CORE_EVENT_0V8  Detected USB 0.8 V event.
CORE_EVENT_ABDET  Detected USB mini A-B connector event.

Definition at line 177 of file pmic_audio.c.

      CORE_EVENT_MC2BI, /*!< Microphone Bias 2 detect. */
      CORE_EVENT_HSDETI,      /*!< Detect Headset attach  */
      CORE_EVENT_HSLI,  /*!< Detect Stereo Headset  */
      CORE_EVENT_ALSPTHI,     /*!< Detect Thermal shutdown of ALSP  */
      CORE_EVENT_AHSSHORTI    /*!< Detect Short circuit on AHS outputs  */

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