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PMIC_STATUS pmic_audio_close ( const PMIC_AUDIO_HANDLE  handle  ) 

Terminate further access to the PMIC audio hardware.

Terminate further access to the PMIC audio hardware that was previously acquired by calling pmic_audio_open(). This now allows another thread to successfully call pmic_audio_open() to gain access.

Note that we will shutdown/reset the Voice CODEC or Stereo DAC as well as any associated audio input/output components that are no longer required.

handle Device handle from pmic_audio_open() call.
Return values:
PMIC_SUCCESS If the close request was successful.
PMIC_PARAMETER_ERROR If the handle is invalid.

Definition at line 979 of file pmic_audio.c.

References pmic_audio_close_handle().

Referenced by mc13783_pmic_audio_exit(), snd_card_mxc_audio_capture_close(), and snd_card_mxc_audio_playback_close().


      /* We need a critical section here to maintain a consistent state. */
      if (down_interruptible(&mutex))
            return PMIC_SYSTEM_ERROR_EINTR;

      /* We can now call pmic_audio_close_handle() to actually do the work. */
      rc = pmic_audio_close_handle(handle);

      /* Exit the critical section. */

      return rc;

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