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static int offset_within_scm ( uint32_t  register_offset  )  [inline, static]

Check that the offset is with the bounds of the SCM register set.

[in] register_offset Register offset of SCM
1 if true, 0 if false (not within SCM)

Definition at line 1668 of file scc2_driver.c.

      return 1;         /* (register_offset >= SCM_RED_START)
                           && (register_offset < scm_highest_memory_address); */
/* Although this would cause trouble for zeroize testing, this change would
 * close a security hole which currently allows any kernel program to access
 * any location in RED RAM.  Perhaps enforce in non-SCC_DEBUG compiles?
 && (register_offset <= SCM_INIT_VECTOR_1); */

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