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mx2fb.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Header file for the MX27 Frame buffer.

Definition in file mx2fb.h.

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struct  fb_gwinfo
 MX27 LCDC graphic window information. More...
struct  mx2fb_color_key
struct  mx2fb_gbl_alpha


#define FBIOGET_GWINFO   0x46E0
#define FBIOPUT_GWINFO   0x46E1
#define MX2FB_SET_CLR_KEY   _IOW('M', 1, struct mx2fb_color_key)
#define MX2FB_SET_GBL_ALPHA   _IOW('M', 0, struct mx2fb_gbl_alpha)
#define MX2FB_WAIT_FOR_VSYNC   _IOW('F', 0x20, u_int32_t)

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