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static void __init init_iapi_struct ( void   )  [static]

Initializes I.API

Definition at line 1186 of file sdma.c.

References sdma_struct::cd, getChannel(), mask_sdma_interrupt(), releaseChannel(), sdma_free(), sdma_init_sleep(), sdma_malloc(), sdma_phys_to_virt(), sdma_sleep_channel(), sdma_virt_to_phys(), sdma_wakeup_channel(), and unmask_sdma_interrupt().

Referenced by sdma_init().

      channelDescriptor *cd;

      printk(KERN_INFO "Using SDMA I.API\n");

      iapi_Malloc = &sdma_malloc;
      iapi_iram_Malloc = &sdma_iram_malloc;
#endif                        /*CONFIG_SDMA_IRAM */

      iapi_Free = &sdma_free;
      iapi_Virt2Phys = (void *(*)(void *))&sdma_virt_to_phys;
      iapi_Phys2Virt = (void *(*)(void *))&sdma_phys_to_virt;
      iapi_memset = &memset;
      iapi_memcpy = &memcpy;

      iapi_GotoSleep = &sdma_sleep_channel;
      iapi_WakeUp = &sdma_wakeup_channel;
      iapi_InitSleep = &sdma_init_sleep;
      iapi_ReleaseChannel = &releaseChannel;
      iapi_GetChannel = &getChannel;

      iapi_EnableInterrupts = &unmask_sdma_interrupt;
      iapi_DisableInterrupts = &mask_sdma_interrupt;

      cd = kmalloc(sizeof(channelDescriptor), GFP_KERNEL);

      memset(cd, 0, sizeof(channelDescriptor));

      sdma_data[0].cd = cd;

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