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_cam_data Struct Reference

#include <mxc_v4l2_capture.h>

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Detailed Description

common v4l2 driver structure.

Definition at line 94 of file mxc_v4l2_capture.h.

Public Attributes

int ae_mode
int blue
int bright
struct semaphore busy_lock
struct camera_sensor * cam_sensor
bool capture_on
int capture_pid
int contrast
struct v4l2_rect crop_bounds
struct v4l2_rect crop_current
struct v4l2_rect crop_defrect
unsigned int csi
int(* csi_start )(void *private)
int(* csi_stop )(void *private)
int current_input
int device_type
struct list_head done_q
spinlock_t dqueue_int_lock
void(* enc_callback )(u32 mask, void *dev)
int enc_counter
int(* enc_disable )(void *private)
int(* enc_enable )(void *private)
wait_queue_head_t enc_queue
int(* enc_update_eba )(dma_addr_t eba, int *bufferNum)
int fb_origin_std
struct mxc_v4l_frame frame [FRAME_NUM]
int green
int hue
bool low_power
struct v4l2_mxc_offset offset
int open_count
int output
bool overlay_active
struct fb_info * overlay_fb
bool overlay_on
int overlay_pid
struct semaphore param_lock
int ping_pong_csi
wait_queue_head_t power_queue
spinlock_t queue_int_lock
struct list_head ready_q
int red
int rot_enc_buf_size [2]
dma_addr_t rot_enc_bufs [2]
void * rot_enc_bufs_vaddr [2]
int rot_vf_buf_size [2]
dma_addr_t rot_vf_bufs [2]
void * rot_vf_bufs_vaddr [2]
int rotation
int saturation
struct v4l2_int_device * sensor
int skip_frame
struct v4l2_standard standard
bool standard_autodetect
dma_addr_t still_buf
void * still_buf_vaddr
int still_counter
wait_queue_head_t still_queue
struct v4l2_streamparm streamparm
enum v4l2_buf_type type
struct v4l2_format v2f
struct v4l2_framebuffer v4l2_fb
dma_addr_t vf_bufs [2]
int vf_bufs_size [2]
void * vf_bufs_vaddr [2]
int vf_rotation
int(* vf_start_adc )(void *private)
int(* vf_start_sdc )(void *private)
int(* vf_stop_adc )(void *private)
int(* vf_stop_sdc )(void *private)
struct video_device * video_dev
struct v4l2_window win
struct list_head working_q

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