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Scsi_Host Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

unsigned long hostdata[0] __attribute__ ((aligned(sizeof(unsigned long))))

Public Attributes

struct list_head __devices
struct list_head __targets
unsigned active_mode:2
unsigned async_scan:1
unsigned long base
struct blk_queue_tag * bqt
int can_queue
short cmd_per_lun
struct scsi_host_cmd_poolcmd_pool
unsigned long cmd_serial_number
spinlock_t default_lock
unsigned long dma_boundary
unsigned char dma_channel
struct completioneh_action
struct list_head eh_cmd_q
struct task_struct * ehandler
struct list_head free_list
spinlock_t free_list_lock
unsigned int host_blocked
unsigned int host_busy
unsigned int host_eh_scheduled
unsigned int host_failed
unsigned int host_no
unsigned host_self_blocked:1
wait_queue_head_t host_wait
struct scsi_host_templatehostt
unsigned long io_port
unsigned int irq
unsigned long last_reset
unsigned int max_channel
unsigned short max_cmd_len
unsigned int max_host_blocked
unsigned int max_id
unsigned int max_lun
short unsigned int max_sectors
unsigned char n_io_port
unsigned ordered_tag:1
unsigned int prot_capabilities
unsigned char prot_guard_type
int resetting
unsigned reverse_ordering:1
struct mutex scan_mutex
short unsigned int sg_tablesize
void * shost_data
struct device shost_gendev shost_dev
enum scsi_host_state shost_state
struct list_head sht_legacy_list
struct list_head starved_list
int this_id
unsigned tmf_in_progress:1
struct scsi_transport_templatetransportt
unsigned unchecked_isa_dma:1
unsigned int unique_id
unsigned use_blk_tcq:1
unsigned use_clustering:1
struct request_queue * uspace_req_q
struct workqueue_structwork_q
char work_q_name [20]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 507 of file scsi_host.h.

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