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Public Attributes

adveep_38C1600_config Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

uchar adapter_scsi_id
ushort adv_err_addr
ushort adv_err_code
uchar bios_boot_delay
ushort bios_ctrl
uchar bios_id_lun
ushort bios_scan
ushort cfg_lsw
ushort cfg_msw
ushort check_sum
ushort cisprt_msw
ushort cisptr_lsw
ushort disc_enable
ushort dvc_cntl
ushort dvc_err_code
uchar max_dvc_qng
uchar max_host_qng
uchar oem_name [16]
ushort reserved36
ushort reserved37
ushort reserved38
ushort reserved39
ushort reserved40
ushort reserved41
ushort reserved42
ushort reserved43
ushort reserved44
ushort reserved45
ushort reserved46
ushort reserved47
ushort reserved48
ushort reserved49
ushort reserved50
ushort reserved51
ushort reserved52
ushort reserved53
ushort reserved54
ushort reserved55
ushort reserved60
ushort reserved61
ushort reserved62
ushort reserved63
ushort saved_adv_err_addr
ushort saved_adv_err_code
ushort saved_dvc_err_code
ushort scam_tolerant
uchar scsi_reset_delay
ushort sdtr_speed1
ushort sdtr_speed2
ushort sdtr_speed3
ushort sdtr_speed4
ushort serial_number_word1
ushort serial_number_word2
ushort serial_number_word3
ushort start_motor
ushort subsysid
ushort subsysvid
ushort tagqng_able
uchar termination_lvd
uchar termination_se
ushort wdtr_able

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1186 of file advansys.c.

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