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Public Attributes

btrfs_root Struct Reference

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List of all members.

Public Attributes

struct super_block anon_super
struct extent_buffercommit_root
int defrag_level
struct btrfs_key defrag_max
struct btrfs_key defrag_progress
int defrag_running
u64 defrag_trans_start
struct list_head dirty_list
struct extent_io_tree dirty_log_pages
struct btrfs_fs_infofs_info
u64 highest_inode
int in_sysfs
spinlock_t inode_lock
struct rb_root inode_tree
struct completion kobj_unregister
u64 last_inode_alloc
u64 last_trans
u32 leafsize
spinlock_t list_lock
unsigned long log_batch
atomic_t log_commit [2]
wait_queue_head_t log_commit_wait [2]
struct mutex log_mutex
struct btrfs_rootlog_root
unsigned long log_transid
wait_queue_head_t log_writer_wait
atomic_t log_writers
char * name
struct extent_buffernode
spinlock_t node_lock
u32 nodesize
u64 objectid
struct mutex objectid_mutex
struct list_head orphan_list
int ref_cows
struct btrfs_rootreloc_root
struct btrfs_root_item root_item
struct btrfs_key root_key
struct kobject root_kobj
struct list_head root_list
u32 sectorsize
u32 stripesize
int track_dirty
u32 type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 957 of file ctree.h.

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